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Click here for gallery Located on High Street in the centre of Christchurch City in New Zealand, (five minutes walk from the bus terminal, and in close vicinity to many of Christchurch’s backpacker hostels), Zealand Tattoo takes pride in creating the highest quality body art. From full body suits to one off individual tattoos, either from their own diverse collection of art in store, or a piece designed specifically for you by our experienced artists, Zealand Tattoo takes pride in meeting the needs of each individual customer.

Zealand Tattoo employs experienced tattoo artists from New Zealand who are particularly skilled in custom-made oriental tattoos. This includes traditional Maori and Polynesian tattoos that are designed for the individual wearer, as they incorporate aspects of their life, family, or personality depending on what the person chooses to include. Zealand Tattoos ensures your tattoo is a one off piece that you will be proud of forever. In addition to their extensive range of traditional tattoo pieces Zealand Tattoo also has a comprehensive collection of “new school” pieces, and full piercing amenities.

Zealand Tattoo takes pride in the fact that it uses quality inks and possesses some of the best instruments and cleaning facilities available on the market. The Zealand Tattoo studio meets European sterility standards, which are some of the highest throughout the world.

For people who like the idea of getting a tattoo, the price is likely at the bottom of the list of concerns that they will have to take into consideration. After all, getting a tattoo could very likely become a lifelong commitment, which is not exactly that appealing when you consider all the negative aspects. Even so, getting your tattoo for cheap is still worth considering, and offers like sephora promo code can go a long way towards making sure that you are not going to be regretting the financial aspect of the decision at least.

Make no mistake though. Getting a tattoo is a major decision that you will have to think about very carefully. You don’t want to wind up with permanent ink that you paid good money for that will then bring nothing but misery to your life in the end.

Sometimes, when something is very important to us, we would want it to remain permanent. It won’t go away no matter what happens. From the moment we sleep, until the moment we wake up it would still be there. They provide some meaning to our lives that is why we keep them. Getting tattoos is one way to make something permanent. It will stay with you no matter what. It may be a name of a beloved person, a symbol that holds significance or a reminder, a number, an important date, a face or just any design that holds such importance. And in order to get inked, you must endure the pain that the needle gives.

People nowadays have many reasons of getting a tattoo, one is that they want to pay a tribute to a loved one, others just to it because it is a fashion statement and you can achieve that by inking yourself with your individual and unique style. So if you are planning to get a tattoo, it is better if you already know what you want to get since it will be with you permanently. But if you want a tattoo that isn't really permanent but stick with you longer and has cool designs, check them out at aliexpress.

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Everyone deserves to go on a holiday, especially if you are working too hard and doesn’t have time to spend with your family. You should take some time to relax, be away from the noisy city life, be free from stress, and be able to enjoy bonding with your loved ones. One of the best tourist destinations is New Zealand. This country is surely included in every person’s list that they want to visit because of its lovely landscapes composed of plateaus, hills, and beaches. The North and South Island are its two main islands. Moreover, it also has numerous smaller, offshore islands. The citizens of New Zealand are also called as ‘Kiwis’. There are several interesting facts about New Zealand like:

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